It’s all about women

So this has been a month that had me reflecting on what do we do for others and do we really care? It is so easy to say we don’t have time, money or even the energy to help others, but we all have something to give don’t we?

Nelson Mandela Day had us all up in arms offering a little bit of something, but this had me thinking should we not be giving a little bit of something to others EVERY DAY. Whether it is acknowledgment, knowledge, guidance, tutoring, love, everyone can do with a skill set that you have to offer. Really sit down and reflect on what you are willing to offer to gain insight into others and to help others achieve their ultimate goals and happiness.

We are moving closer to the month of August where we focus on women. Let’s focus on all women, whether we are at home or in a corporate space.

Follow us this month to get tips on:

  • How should women really dress for an interview?
  • Should we bring up family and children?
  • Let’s get some inspirational advice from career women out there

Let’s use the month of August to focus on our fellow women out there. What can we do to enhance, motivate and help them to be better career women, wife’s, mothers and colleagues and friends to all of us out there?




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