Are you selling yourself?


I get asked this question often: – Are you in sales? In strict terminology of sales, no, I am not, or so we think. What exactly does it mean to be in sales? When do I qualify to wear the badge of a salesperson?

Let me explain it by using an example. Boy meets Girl. Boy likes Girl. Boy asks a girl on a date (also known as an interview). Boy and Girl participate in a ‘get to know’ interview. Boy and Girl decide whether they have anything in common and would like to pursue this relationship. And guess what? This is a sales process.

Now the same principle applies to an official job interview. The very first introduction to yourself that the company has is when you submit your CV. Keeping in mind that you are competing with hundreds of other candidates who also believe they are suitable for the position, you need to ‘sell’ your skills and capabilities to the incumbent organization without them even knowing what you look like. Sounds easy! So, the question remains: – Why are you not selling yourself?

CV Grow is a new company within the Talent Acquisition Consulting (Talenttac) group. Talenttac is a recruitment company and has been operating across South Africa for many years. The lack of a professional CV standard was identified as a need that would benefit anyone applying for a vacant position, whether through a recruitment agency or directly to a client.

“This is all CV Grow concentrates on, perfecting your CV, focusing on only what is important to the interviewing company. I have been working in the recruitment industry for many years. The main concern when advertising an available position is the number of CV’s that cross my table with totally irrelevant information highlighted as important,” says Bronwyn Groenewald, managing director of the Talenttac Group. “Recruiters, when advertising a position, receive literally hundreds of CV’s every day. The chances of yours getting noticed depends solely on what you input as important skills and capabilities. Remember, we don’t know you, we have never met you so unless you sell yourself to us, we will not be able to on-sell you to the customer. It really is as simple as that.”

CV Grow was subsequently launched as an online portal to assist you in compiling your professional CV. Offering three different packages, once the document is completed, the professional CV belongs to you to use when applying for an advertised position. You can even choose to have your LinkedIn profile set up to maximise your exposure. Whatever you put on your CV will also be available online when researching the incumbent application on LinkedIn.

CV Grow can be viewed on We look forward to your feedback and comments below.

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